A Few Frequently Asked Questions

When we work together what can I expect? Can you take me through the process?

Each project is unique, but usually things start out with a conversation or a site visit to talk about project goals and needs. I’ll snap a few pictures, take some measurements and start formulating a plan. Sometimes the client shares an inspiration image or jumping off point, but sometimes not. From there I’ll research and see if any ideas I have stored in my head are a good fit for the client, all with timeline and budget in mind. I’ll put together a proposal, with multiple options, that includes inspiration images, sketches, color palette and price points. After a client’s approval, I get to making.

Your work includes such a wide range of projects. Do you have favorites?

It’s true, my displays and art pieces do sometimes live in very different environments. However, between private residences, retail spaces, event and wedding décor and personal studio work, my process doesn’t change a whole lot. To me, it’s always about problem solving the very best solution for any given project. Some may have slightly more creative freedom than others, but the biggest difference I find, is some projects are meant to live a long time, such as a permanent installation, and some just for a moment- a photo shoot, for example.

Do you only work on large installations? What about smaller projects?

It’s all about project fit! I love working on both, big and small, as long as it’s a good fit aesthetically for the client and I. Yes, you may need a large, room size installation, but you may also simply need a few thoughtful elements created for a wedding or photo shoot. I’m up for both.

What about Creative Consulting? When might I need this?

Often, projects with a larger scope of work start off in this consulting phase. It allows for thorough planning of a project, where I’ll work with a client in determining their needs and give my recommendations through a detailed design proposal. In projects where I’ll be executing several elements, this is essential for seeing how they will all work together. Other times, it’s not so much about planning what I’d be making, but giving recommendations from everything from a floor plan for a retail space or ideas for event décor, which may be handled by another type of vendor.

I need a prop stylist for a photo shoot. Is this something in your wheelhouse?

Yes! I love working as part of a team in this way. Often, I’ll make props or other items specifically to be included in the shoot. If the project doesn’t necessitate this, I’ll work in a more traditional stylist role. I have to say, making things for a shoot and then styling them, as part of a larger vision is one of my favorite things to do!

why do you collect a deposit? What does this go towards?

Deposits are required to initiate time designing and/or purchase materials. Since most of my projects are custom and all handmade, It’s really important for me to schedule out my production timeline in advance so a deposit also solidifies your spot in this schedule.